Validation for permission templates


we make good use of LDAP group mapping and permission templates.
Meanwhile we have over 2500 projects, which means creating a new permission template
or editing an existing one get’s more risky - admins lose the overview, because there are more and more.

Our generic pipelines uses the Sonarqube web api for creating new projects and we hit regularly
some http error 400 bad request, because more than one permission template regex matches the sonar.projectKey

Would be very helpful, if there was a validation when creating a new permission template or
editing an exisiting one if there’s a possible collision.

i.e. com\.foo\.(bar|bas|bat).+ and com\.foo\.bar\.lorum\.ipsum.+

Of course, dealing with regexp requires a strict naming convention for project keys,
but I assume that everyone already uses one, otherwise it would be a mess.


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Hi Gilbert,

A late answer on the topic:
Thanks for your insight. It seems a be an interesting improvement for big organizations with multiple permissions templates. Yet, it doesn’t appear to be a simple change.
We don’t have any short-term plans to address it. But we’ll keep monitoring the requests on the topic and we may look into it further in the future.


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