Using SonarQube within the cloud

I was wondering if it is possible to setup a SonarQube server within a VM or a physical machine and then be able to analyse the code locally on a separate machine.

The idea is to have the code not leave the local machine and have SonarQube server analyse it.

I know that there are alternatives such as using Azure DevOps, however, all the solutions I have seen so far require the code to be stored elsewhere for analysing.

Any solutions/guidance would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Sayed,

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Your SonarQube server can live wherever you like. You can analyze wherever you like. You will need to check your code out to the machine where you’ll perform analysis, and your code will be uploaded to your SonarQube server. But you can control who sees it there with project permissions.

Does that help?


Hi Ann,

Thank you for the reply.

So am I right in assuming that it is not possible to analyse the code on a local machine and have the SonarQube server on a different instance.

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Hi Sayed,


I think maybe we’re talking past each other. Perhaps you could restate what you’re trying to accomplish using more words?