Using sonar.token instead of sonar.login

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I am running sonarscanner cli in an ubuntu docker container with the following versions / parameters:

SonarScanner CLI
Java 17.0.11 Ubuntu (64-bit)
Linux 6.6.14-0-virt aarch64
Communicating with SonarQube Server

Via the following command:

/opt/sonarqube/bin/sonar-scanner*** -Dsonar.projectKey=*** -Dsonar.projectName=*** -Dsonar.login=***

Per the sonarqube documentation here (Analysis parameters) I am trying to use -Dsonar.token instead of -Dsonar.login but running the same command as above with -Dsonar.token=*** instead of -Dsonar.login=*** results in this error telling me to use -Dsonar.login

Error during SonarScanner CLI execution
Not authorized. Analyzing this project requires authentication. Please provide a user token in sonar.login or other credentials in sonar.login and sonar.password.

I have created a new token and confirmed it works with sonar.login, why does it not work with sonar.token when that is supposed to be the new work flow?

Realized its because I’m using sonarqube server v9.6 and sonar.token wasn’t introduced until v10…

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