User not able to login - unauthorized error with azure devops

we have multiple users who are not able to login using azure devops. We are getting below error

We recently migrated the Azure tenant, which led to the user’s inability to log into the sonar cloud. Initially, Our team created Sonar accounts by logging in with our Azure DevOps accounts and now team members cannot access Sonar Cloud after the migration.

This is completely blocking our development cycle. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Veerendra_Gadde, I am currently investigating your issue. Can you please send me the list of other the other users you mentioned who are getting the error you mentioned above?

do you need the complete of all the users facing this issue?

Hello @Veerendra_Gadde yes please. Can you send the list of the users facing the issue and we will investigate to find a solution.

HI Justin_Allen, we have most of the users under our organization account not able to log in. How can share the list (through email)? or if you can access the list under account?

Can I connect with you directly as this is blocking our development cycle?


Hello @Veerendra_Gadde I created a private message between us where you can directly send me the list of users that cannot login.

Solution provided for users found in the list sent via PM