User management improvement with GitLab (and SAML?)


We are using SonarQube 10.4 and we are currently looking at the feature that contains user and group delegation to GitLab. However I noticed that only one authorization method is supported.
It would be great to offer both since that might expand the user account information regarding permissions, groups, projects etc. Means that the user account will have information from SAML and from their Gitlab account.
We have users who most of the time use Gitlab. Therefore GitLab SSO would be great for them. However others are using Jenkins or Azure DevOps so we need to offer SAML for them as well in order to not exclude anyone.

I also noticed that automatic user provisioning is currently only available to SAML and not GitLab. This is difficult to overcome since our ideal solution would be to offer SAML to everyone and offer GitLab SSO as well for those who prefer to work with GitLab groups. Automatic provisioning for both Providers would be very beneficial for us.

What are your thoughts on this?

Hello Melanie :wave:

Thank you for your feedback!

Regarding the first part of your message, I confirm that currently only one authorization method is allowed and I am happy to hear more about your use case to better understand your need. Please feel free to book a time slot here to discuss.
For the second part, user provisioning and synchronization are available for Gitlab in SonaQube 10.4. Permission synchronization with Gitlab is planned and will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Hello Nour,

thanks a lot for the fast and positive reaction! I booked the session for tomorrow! Regarding my second part I am acutally referring to SCIM and according to the current documentation SCIM is only supported for Azure AD:
SCIM overview (

I was already in contact with the support and they confirmed that information as well.
Hope I could make myself clear now :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance for your response!

Thanks for clarifying Melanie, I’ll be glad to go through both topics tomorrow.
Looking forward to talking to you!