Use cases for scanning code to improve application performance

My company uses sonarqube for code coverage, and I am interested in expanding it to include application performance. I’m interested in scanning for anti-patterns in our code that could harm app performance.
This is a hard topic to search for, because search hits are all about performance of sonarqube itself, not using sonarqube to find potential performance issues in the scanned code.
Is this a common use case? Are there settings/rules/templates for app performance scans? Any suggestions for getting started?

A good place to start is filtering rules on the performance tag – for example, here are the rules tagged with performance for Java or C++.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick response!

I don’t see any performance rules for Javascript. Maybe I’m not searching properly. Do you know if any performance rules for javascript exist?

Hi Steve,

We currently don’t have JavaScript or TypeScript rules that target performance specifically.

Nevertheless, as part of our effort to provide first-class React experience, we plan to add React-specific performance code smells in the following months. Would that be helpful to you by any chance?

I’d be interested to have a conversation, if you’re open to that :slight_smile:

What kind of rules are you thinking about? What problems are you trying to solve?