Use a internal image registry for SQ Helm Chart

I’m testing an installation of SonarQube in an OpenShift cluster.
I have the same problem and I use the same solution as the following topic: Helm to deploy LTS-enterprise in to air-gapped Kubernetes .

But I have a question:
Wouldn’t it be possible to use this feature of Helm, Global Chart Values ?
Note that the subchart postgres already uses it global parameters: global.imageRegistry. I use it in my values.yaml and it works fine.

Thanks for your reply

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Hello @kbolivard thanks a lot for taking the time to participate in the community.

The point you raise makes a good candidate for a new feature on the helm chart.

We created a ticket to track the progress of it here

Please let me know if that solves the topic.


Jeremy Cotineau.


Hi @jeremy.cotineau

It’s perfect! :smiley:.
Thanks for the jira ticket.


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