Is it possible to run SonarQube Helm chart without high privileges?


I’m trying to migrate my Sonarqube instalation to Kubernetes but we use OpenShift and the SCC requires allowPrivilegedContainer and allowPrivilegeEscalation which is a problem for the Kubernetes team.

They asked me it this is really required for running Sonarqube and I ask you guys. Is there any way to run the Helm Chart without these privileges? More especifically: is this only needed for Elasticsearch? Would it be possible to point to an external Elasticsearch instalation?



Hi Rodrigo,

Regarding your permissions questions, perhaps the docs will help.

Regarding Elasticsearch, no it’s not possible to use an external ES instance.


Thanks, Ann. I don’t know it this is a big issue for other users but, if it is, maybe SonarSource could evaluate replace Elasticsearch by something with less intrusive requirements…


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