Usage of SonarQube Enterprise Edition licenses


Can I set up 2 additional staging licenses in SonarQube Enterprise in another instance so that I can scan up to 2M LoC (1M LoC in production instance and 1M LoC in staging instance) instead of 1M LoC limit? Can you spot the differences between these lisences instead of just saying that it’s “non-production” licenses?

Hello @martin1337,

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The LOC limit of your license sets the maximum lines of code you can analyse in your Production instance.

The staging licenses are not to be used as an additional production instance, or you will be infringing the license rights. Staging license can be used for example for testing purposes, disaster recovery, user acceptance testing), quality assurance, etc. With Enterprise Edition you are entitled to have two staging licenses.

Should you have further questions, please contact your Account Manager. If you are not sure who it is, please send an email with your server ID to requesting to be put in touch with him.

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Thanks for your detailed answer.

How can you check if I’m using the license in the right way?
And If my production instance is reached the limit can I add projects to the staging instance (which is still available below 1M LOC) to scan?

Hello @martin1337,

Please get in touch with your Sonar Account Manager to define the next best steps.

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