Upgrading sonarQube enteprise edition

We just installed SonarQube Enteprise edition on GKE on Google cloud platform
If we plan to upgrade SonarQube later, we may have to destroy the existing container and create a new one. In this case, I’m assuming we need to enter a new ServerID for the licensing of SonarQube Enteprise.
How can I persist the license/serverID of my current Install?


Hi @krishnaarani,

in case your ServerID changes, you will contact your Sales rep, to have a new license key, related to this new ServerID.


Hi Carine,
Does this mean, whenever there is a new docker container we are spinning up, we need a new license?

Depending on the version of SonarQube you’ve installed. I recommend you to install (or upgrade to) 7.9 at least, as this “issue” is solved: Upgrades with docker containers changes server ID?

Hi Carine,
We have SonarQube 8.0 currently and would like to upgrade to v8.1 which was recently released.
I used the enteprise-beta tag from docker hub while installing the v8.0.

Now, if i use the newer image for upgrade (using helm charts), I’m worried if this will change my serverID and I need to check with SonarQube team for license again. Any inputs?

After being applied, a SonarQube license is stored in the database – which should be persistent across many container stop/starts.
With this in mind – it would seem appropriate to apply the license manually in the UI (once per year, at renewal time) instead of building it into your Helm chart.
And, to end, if your ServerID changes, you still can quickly contact your Sales rep and he/she will get back to you as fast as possible with a new license key.