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How can I update the existing email address of the user?
Current email address : jay.test@xyz.com
New email address : jay.test@xyz.lu

This user has admin access and token is in use across so many project. Can you please let me know how can I achieve it without deleting & recreating the user profile?

I do not want to delete the user & recreate it. As per the Web API " POST api/users/update" can you please provide the shell script or the wat to update the user?


@ganncamp Please help me on this

Any update?

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I tried searching the ways to update the email but no luck. Could you please help?

If the user is authenticating via a delegated authentication source (like LDAP, SAML, etc.) they will just need to login again, assuming that information is up-to-date in the identity provider.

For a local user, it can be updated under Administration > Security > Users

All users have been authenticated by SAML (Entrust). If Identity provider is not up-to-date then how can I achieve it?
Basically, what is happening is currently all users login by .com but now they are moving to .lu so they are requesting to change the email like xyz@abc.lu

Are they just changing the e-mail address, or also the external identity that users use to login? (stated another way: will login stop working once the e-mail is updated on the IdP side?)

Thank you for your help!

After updating email with SAML provider, users email got updated in SonarQube.

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