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We recently changed email addresses for branding purposes at our office. When one of the users that are setup for SAML auth logged in today, it created a new user account rather than just rejecting the user. So now I have a couple duplicate users.

I imagine I’ll have to fix this through an API call. I just don’t know what that call would be and I’m not the best developer when it comes to things like this (i’m the infra guy).

Does anyone have the API call to change a users email across the board if email ID X is to ?

Saw a couple other threads out ther eon this but didn’t see a solution. And the threads are really old.

For anyone that finds this thread. I found a solution through the API call.


This maintains the same SAML auth they had previously, and tags the identity provider with the new email address. Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to change this in bulk. But since most of the people that login shouldn’t be full on devs anyway (small shop maybe) it’s not so bad. But the API call worked like a charm.

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