Update Tanuki Service Wrapper

SonarQube LTS 8.9.6 currently ships with bundled Tanuki Service wrapper - Version 3.2.3 - released 2006-10-16. That’s over 15 years ago !

The latest (as of 2022-01-07) release is Version 3.5.48: (2021-12-22)

There are a number of security fixes, crash fixes and significant performance and feature improvements as well.

Can Sonar team look at upgrading this for the next LTS incremental of full LTS release ?

And when you revisit the wrapper, also review how you determine the mechanism to resolve java as the existing one is left wanting.


Hi @ianw ,
Thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile:
We already have a ticket opened that you can follow. I don’t know when it will be tackled.

Kind regards,

hmm … I read that now and am concerned that the ticket says:

“The windows service tool has security issues and we now recommend people configure it manually.”

I don’t recall seeing anything in the SonarQube instructions to “configure manually”. What is the security issue and what is the manual instructions?

Also, I attempted to follow the attached “Discuss thread”, but is it requesting a login to Discourse using either SAML or Google, but won’t accept my Google to sign up. Can a summary be provided?


Sorry about publishing the link to a private thread. I’ve moved it so others won’t face the same frustration. The jist is that if you follow the directions to run SonarQube as a service, then you aren’t using the wrapper anyway.