Feedback on changes from JSW to nohup


I normally use LTS, but I will give 9.6 a shot and see what’s up. First impression is not a fan of the hard-coded syntax:

exec nohup $COMMAND_LINE >../../logs/nohup.log  2>&1 &

The old wrapper log was called sonar.log (wrapper.conf:wrapper.logfile=) and supporting logrotate. Unfortunate on the unnecessary name change. Would have suggested:


exec nohup $COMMAND_LINE > ${WRAPPER_LOG}  2>&1 &

and placed APP_NAME, WRAPPER_LOG and other configurable options, like SONAR_JAVA_PATH, XMS, XMX into a property file to be read into via syntax: . ./sonar_wrapper.conf .

Hey @ianw

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve moved your feedback to a separate thread so that I can more easily tag the responsible team to take a look.

Hi @ianw ,

Thanks for the feedback. We will carefully consider them.

Please note that sonar.log is still there. sonar.log is now managed and rotated by SonarQube itself instead of the old JSW wrapper.

We produce the nohup.log in case that JVM crashes and the event can’t be log by SonarQube.

Some variables are not supposed to be updated by users (for example XMS and XMX mentioned above, they are only used by the bootup and watcher process). Please refer to our documentation for supported configurable environment variables.

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