Update on SonarQube Roadmap - Gamification and Developer Space

Hello SonarSource Community!

You may have noticed that we recently updated the SonarQube roadmap and removed the Gamification and Developer Space features. We know this decision is likely disappointing for some and we’d like to give you a little insight into the rationale. On one hand, there’s no doubt that these features would be cool and surely add some ‘color’ to the righteous and noble endeavor known as Continuous Code Quality.

Ultimately, we feel that there’s still vital and much-needed work to be done regarding core product functionality in areas such as language support and security. These are foundational areas of our product that will benefit the overall development community and we want to maximize their value in the coming months.

Another consideration is the effort involved and the desired outcomes. Not that we shy away from challenges, but the effort involved to make sure the Gamification and Dev Space features add significant value involves many subtle, complex aspects. We firmly believe that ‘complementary’ features shouldn’t compromise ‘core’ product functionality over time. Perhaps an even more paramount consideration is the risk for unintended consequences. We’re a developer-first organization and the last thing we’d want to see happen is this feature being used to monitor individual developer efforts with command and control objectives in mind.

So, because of these considerations, we’ve put these features on hold. We felt it was only fair to let you know how we arrived at this decision. Please know these ideas are not dead and they’ll not be forgotten, but for now, they’re not on the forefront of our efforts.

If you feel strongly about these features, please use the Suggest New Features thread to let us know your thoughts in a constructive manner. Knowing more about your needs and how you use our products results in better feature planning for us.