Update Kotlin Tests on SonarQube 8 LTS


We want to add the current Kotlin tests to our SonarQube 8.9.9 LTS install. Unfortunately the latest release of sonar-kotlin does not load.

2022.06.26 22:49:21 ERROR app[][startup] Startup failed: Plugins can't be loaded. See web logs for more information
2022.06.26 22:49:21 ERROR web[][o.s.s.p.PlatformImpl] Web server startup failed: Found a plugin 'Kotlin Code Quality and Security' in the directory 'extensions/plugins' with the same key [kotlin] as a built-in feature 'Kotlin Code Quality and Security'. Please remove 'extensions/plugins/sonar-kotlin-plugin-2.9-SNAPSHOT-all.jar'.
2022.06.26 22:49:21 INFO  web[][o.s.s.a.EmbeddedTomcat] HTTP connector enabled on port 9000
2022.06.26 22:49:21 INFO  web[][o.s.p.ProcessEntryPoint] Hard stopping process
2022.06.26 22:49:21 INFO  app[][o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] Process[web] is stopped
2022.06.26 22:49:21 WARN  app[][o.s.a.p.AbstractManagedProcess] Process exited with exit value [es]: 143
2022.06.26 22:49:21 INFO  app[][o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] Process[es] is stopped
2022.06.26 22:49:21 INFO  app[][o.s.a.SchedulerImpl] SonarQube is stopped

Additionally the detekt plugin was also unsuccessful. We only upgrade for new LTS versions so changing to version 9.x is not an option.


Welcome to the community!

Language engines are released with SonarQube as a bundle. What you’re trying to do is not supported, and I’m not confident there’s a way to make it work.

Sorry, but if you want the latest functionality, you’ll need to upgrade.


Thank you for the welcome, and the reply!

It appears the detekt plugin did load successfully, however no new Kotlin tests were added. I am new to SonarQube, however this seems like an issue for detekt rather than SonarSource.

Thanks again for the response and clarification.

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