Sonarlint and Detekt Plugin for kotlin projects

Hi team!

I’m using sonarqube enterprise version and I implemented sonarqube for one specific microservice developed in Kotlin. Along with sonarqube, I’m using detekt plugin to have more kotlin rules being analyzed by SonarQube.

So… When I build my project and run my pipelines, sonar is displaying all errors/warnings related to detekt properly.

However, I would like to have this feedback before running my pipeline to fix the errors during the development, and for that, I’m trying to use SonarLint.

Therefore, I configured my project to connect with sonarqube remotely and the connection is ok, but the errors related to detekt plugin alerted in my pipeline are not presented locally.

It should be necessary to add some more additional settings for sonarLint work along with detekt? Is it possible to present these errors with sonarLint?

  • SonarQube Enterprise Version:
  • SonarLint Version (Intellij IDEA):
  • Detekt Plugin: 1.23.0-RC3

Thanks a lot!!

Hey there.

You’re probably interested in this IntelliJ extension to complement SonarLint: