Update ALM Connection with GitLab

We are using GitLab SaaS and Sonarcloud.io and we had the case that a project was migrated to another subgroup. We can not find a way to update the ALM link to keep the connection alive.

This is normally not a problem for analysis. But we have written an automation to keep Sonarcloud permissions in sync by using the GitLab ALM information.
As this information only provides an URL and not an ID of the GitLab group or project, it is necessary to updated this link from time to time.

We have not found any documentation or API endpoint suitable for this task. Is there any kind of solution to this? Besides adding a custom link to the sonarcloud project pointing to the Project?

Thank you

Hello @simon.schrottner,

There currently is no way to update this information. I believe this should be a supported usecase, so I created the following ticket on which you can follow the progress.

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