Unwanted SonarLintModuleSettings added to module *.iml files

Please provide

  • Operating system: windows 10
  • SonarLint plugin version:
  • Programming language you’re coding in: Java
  • Is connected mode used: yes, but disconnecting does not solve the problem
    • Connected to SonarCloud or SonarQube (and which version): * Community Edition
      Version 8.9.10 (build 61524)

And a thorough description of the problem / question:

I suppose since the last update of the SonarLint plugin, or since i tried connecting sonarqube using a token instead of my login this behaviour started.

To each of the *.iml module config file a section is suddenly written:

<component name="SonarLintModuleSettings">
    <option name="uniqueId" value="40e9a5d8-3707-4f2a-9152-1e28fcc9944e" />

Disabling the SonarQube connection and restarting the IDE (latest Intellij Idea) does not resolve the problem.

This affects a LOT of files that are shared with a LOT of developers and we definitely do NOT want to commit this in SVN, if this cannot be fixed I think I will need to stop using SonarLint…


I have to agree here. The plugin writing to this file needs to be configurable. Especially if the IDE isn’t connected to the backend service. What about adding it to another file within the .idea folder?

We’ve rolled back to 8.4 for now.

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Hello guys,

Sorry for the late response. We introduced this change in a recent version (8.5) without thinking about this consequence. We understand it is annoying so we will change that for the next release (ticket). In the meantime, you can indeed downgrade to version 8.4 from the Marketplace.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for raising this


Hey Damien,

Any luck with this one? It looked it was originally slated for 10.1 then 10.2 but still hasn’t been fixed.


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Hi @jcarty,

Unfortunately, we had other higher-priority topics in the last few months. We still plan to fix it, but it won’t realistically happen before Q1 2024. Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi, any update on this issue? I checked the atlassian issue you linked, but looks like it’s still in todo.
Best regards,

Hello @Angelthree95,

Unfortunately, still no update to provide, we’ve been busy with other more important topics. It’s still on our radar, I just don’t know when we will get to it. Let me re-discuss with the team