SonarLint plugin modifies all iml files without reason

I’ve installed fresh SonarLint plugin ( and used it once on a small Java project. It appears that it modified all the *.iml files in another opened Java project, where I never tried to use it. The following lines were added:

  <component name="SonarLintModuleSettings">
    <option name="uniqueId" value="761e9e49-1f71-4d73-9d22-dc7b76111daf" />

This is really annoying, as that another project has 2500+ modules, and all the corresponding iml files were changed, polluting my Git staging view (of course, I’m not going to commit these changes). I can rollback these changes (though now, I need to sort out them from my actual code changes), but I believe, they will appear again, so I see no other choice than uninstalling the plugin. I think there were no such problem with 8.* versions. Please avoid unnecessary file modifications in the unrelated projects.

Hello @Tagir_Valeev,

We introduced this change in a recent version (8.5) without thinking about this consequence. We understand it is annoying so we will change that for the next release (ticket). In the meantime, you can downgrade to version 8.4 from the Marketplace.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for raising this


I’m also seeing it re-create these .iml files in directories I’ve deleted. I’ve tried wiping out every cache I can find, yet on every run, Sonarlint recreates entire directory structures populated with these.

Is there anything we can do in the meantime to at least stop this?

Hello @internetstaff,

There is no other workaround than manually downgrading to 8.4 (linked above). You can see how to install this version in these instructions.

Hello Damien,

I have the same problem as in this question, just wondering if this uniqueId is sensitive information, like would it be bad if it would go into the version control system?

Can’t I just push it, and then wait unitl you releases a new version that have fixed this problem? Would there be any consequences?

Hello Oscar,

This ID is not sensitive information, we generate it to uniquely identify a module. So yes you can put it in version control.

We still did not take the time to fix this, as we have other priorities at the moment. I hope to get back to it this quarter.


Even if the information is not sensitive, if you commit this ID, there will be one entry per user Idea installation. Instead of overwriting the unique ID value, the XML entry (component name=“SonarLintModuleSettings”) is duplicated in each iml files.

If your team is composed of 5 people with 2 installations (Win/Linux), you will get 10 “component name=“SonarLintModuleSettings”” entries commited.

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