Unstable Lines of Codes

My company currently has Version on-prem instance of SonarQube. Even without changing a single line of code, the scan is getting different result each time. In that, Sometimes our results raised up but in next scan our results goes down. This problem isn’t occurring only in one project, but also in others. And we have checked that there are no rules, exclusions, inclusions etc.

Both have the same project and same configuration.

  • Sonar version :

  • MsBuild version: 15

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Are you performing a full build (/t:Rebuild)?

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No, we don’t use /t:Rebuild parameter. We use msbuild like these
/t:BuildAndCopyArtifacts /m:1 /p:DebugSymbols=true /p:DebugType=full

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That is probably your issue. A clean build is needed.