Unknown target triple 'pic', please use -triple or -arch("x86_64-unknown-unknown" instead)

we are using the Sonar-scanner(sonar-scanner-cli- for my project using the C language with MPLAB X v5,40 IDE(mplab xc8 compiler) for PIC16F1508 micro controller .i was trying to analysis the source code with sonar-scanner with windows based build-wrapper-win-x86-64 build wrapper and make the build from the Command line .here are my sequence of steps .

step1:build the wrapper project from the command prompt
step2:run the sonar-scanner from the .zip file
when run the sonar-scanner from the command line ,when it starts the analysis from the generated file in the sonarcloud .it has shown the error related to the processor architecture.unknown target “pic”, using “x86_64-unknown-unknown” instead.

pls help me out how to match the pic processor architecture and resolve this error

Hi benarjee,

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MPLAB microchip compilers are not currently supported. You can follow this JIRA issue to track progress. While we are continually improving the breadth of our C language support, note that this compiler is not currently on our near-term roadmap.




Greetings of the day!

Thanks for the reply .

Here i got one more thing like its showing not covered by tests with RED color at the lines of the code which has been stored in the sonar server . could you pls help me out how to avoid it and how i can get the fully covered by tests with Green Color instead of the RED color? is there any code coverage plug in tool specially designed for the C language .

Thanks in advance.


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