Uncovered lines not shown for conditions in jsx

  • Version used: Sonarcloud
  • Error observed: No red mark for missing coverage on conditions in React JSX
  • Steps to reproduce: Add a javascript file containing JSX with a condition (e.g. {someCondition && (<div>test</div>)})
  • Potential workaround: Show red mark for uncovered line numbers in lcov report.

Hello Samuel,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce the problem you are facing. Analysing a JavaScript file just containing the code snippet you provided does show red mark for uncovered line numbers.

I suspect a parsing failure, but I would need the full logs to confirm it. Also, would it be possible to share a small reproducer that actually highlights missing red marks for that code pattern?


Hi Yassin,

Thanks for getting back to me. Below you’ll find a simple example that shows the coverage problem:

This is a simple React component with a condition in the JSX:

import React from 'react'

const Test = ({ condition }) => (
    {condition && <span>Test1</span>}


export default Test

This is a test that does not cover the JSX condition:

import React from 'react'
import { shallow } from 'enzyme'

import Test from './Test'

describe('Test', () => {
  it('renders the message Test2', () => {
    const component = shallow(<Test />)


When I run the test with coverage locally, the uncovered line is in the output:

In SonarCloud I get the message that one condition is uncovered:

In the code overview the uncovered line is not shown however:

Especially in larger components, this makes it hard to find uncovered lines.

Hello Samuel,

Thank you for the reproducer. It was very helpful as I managed not only to reproduce the problem but also to identify its cause.

SonarQube relies on the concept of executable lines to calculate missing test coverage. It turns out that SonarJS doesn’t take into account logical expressions in the set of executable lines, which it should. In that regard, I created a ticket that will be addressed soon.

I will come back to you once this is fixed.

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Any update on this?