Unconfigurable hours day


I am using the version.
I see in a stackOverFlow question that before was posible to configure the hours day for the technical debt (Administration>Configuration>Technical Debt). But now searching this options I can’t found neither on the google search, so my question is if the 8 hours day is inmodifiable and why?

Thanks for the help!



That was adjustable in previous versions, but dropped during the 6-series because of our perception that it was largely unused.


You have to understand that ultimately this number of hours per day was an indicator, on top of another indicator which remediation formula for each rule. Basically just a factor of proportion on top of the (more factual) issues uncovered in code.

Ultimately the recommendation is to rely on ratings, e.g. the Maintainability Rating in case of Technical Debt. That rating is based on a ratio, which takes any ‘number of hours in day’ out of the equation.