Sonarqube Web Api Technical Debt

I am trying to get the Debt value present in the Sonarqube Dashboard throug the Web Api.
While reading other other pages and documentations i found that i could obtain this information with the sqale_rating metric.
However i cant understand in what units the sqale_rating is returning because the values from the Web Api and the dashboard are not matching.
The Web Api sqale_rating returns: 824715
On the other hand the dashboard has 1.7kdays

The Sonarcube Version is 6.7.3

Hi @radaeld and welcome to the community :wave:

it’s returned in minutes and assumes a 8h workday, so 824715 minutes / 60 = 13745.25 h and 13745.25 h / 8 h = 1718.15625 work days.
btw: your sonarqube version is heavily outdated. i would advise you to update to the latest LTS release (7.9.x) or to the latest 8.x release of sonarqube in order to get bugfixes and security updates :slight_smile:

hope that helps