Unable to set the PR link on the SonarQube page

The SonarQube version that I am using is 8.9.6.
I am trying to trigger Gerrit pull request analysis on SonarQube by following the instructions on the page https://plugins.jenkins.io/sonar-gerrit/.
I can trigger the analysis on the pull request.
However, I do not seem to find a way to set the link to the pull request on SonarQube.
Something like the one highlighted in the attached screenshot.
Is there a property that I need to use to publish the link to the pull request on SonarQube?

Hey there.

This is not possible – the PR link only appears when SonarQube has successfully decorated a pull request in a DevOps Platform. As no such integration exists between SonarQube and Gerrit, the link will not appear.

Thanks, Colin.
We wish there was a way to do it without the decoration.
Would you happen to know if SonarQube plans to provide an option to publish hyperlinks on the dashboard?