Sonarqube Github Pull Request Integration

Hey guys!

We’re trying to perform the pullrequest integration with Github enterprise as described in this document:

The only part that doesn’t work is PR decoration.

The doc says:

The first thing to configure is the authentication token that will be used by SonarQube to decorate the PRs. This can be configured in Administration > Pull Requests. The field to configure depends on the provider.
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For GitHub Enterprise or, you need to configure the “Authentication token” field. For VSTS/TFS, it’s the “Personal access token”.

The problem is that there is no page Administration > Pull Requests.

We’re running Sonarqube version 7.1


Pull request analysis became available in SonarQube 7.2. Time for an upgrade :slight_smile: (to 7.2.1, as there has been a minor update since).


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Good to know Colin :slight_smile:

I will as soon as you guys merge this PR:



Here’s the latest update I’ve seen on what’s holding up “those guys” :wink: (SonarSourcers will have “SonarSourcer” or “Leader” indicated next to their name on this forum, and the SonarSource logo on their avatar) on the docker image: SonarQube 7.2 Released


Thanks Colin!

This is the only thing blocking us from moving from Sonar 4 straight to Sonar 7.2 (we have a non prod 7.1 but we’ve decided to wait for 7.2) so you can imagine my anxiety.


You mention “moving from Sonar 4 straight to Sonar 7.2”

Just checking – have you tested the full upgrade path with your test SonarQube environment, rather than just standing up a new sub-prod 7.1 instance? I’m asking since you’ll have quite a (probably uncommon) upgrade path if you’re currently on SonarQube 4 (4.5.7 -> 5.6.7 -> 6.7.4 -> 7.2.1).

Advancing through each LTS before landing on Latest is the supported upgrade path.


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Hey Colin, we’re not performing a upgrade. We will move projects from the old instance v4 to the new instance v7. We don’t really care about the history :slight_smile: