Unable to see the PR scan results

(Ramiyerk) #1

Hi Team,
I have configured Git, TeamCity and SonarCloud and able to scan my projects and they are showing the results as expected… However, when I am trying to analyze PR’s the scan is getting completed with some warnings but in PR report page it is not showing any details of Bug, Vulnerabilities etc… Do we need to enable any settings… I am just sharing a sample project screen shot and we are trying to implement the similar PR scan on our client repo which is a private repo and I can’t share that info…

Please help…


(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

if I correctly found your sample project (https://github.com/ramiyerk/calculator/) and one of its PR (https://github.com/ramiyerk/calculator/pull/3/commits/3210fc440eee2971dcd74d8400a7e3594384abe6), then it is expected that SonarCloud does not find any issue because the rule which would raise an issue on the 2 lines that you added (public fields) is not activated on the custom quality profile that you created (https://sonarcloud.io/organizations/ramiyerk-github/rules?activation=true&open=squid%3AClassVariableVisibilityCheck&q=squid%3AClassVariableVisibilityCheck&qprofile=AWlRnfoE17pPkTt500PF).

IMO, you should rely on the default built-in quality profiles.

(Ramiyerk) #3

Yes, that is the correct sample project. I have opted to use the Built-in default Quality Profile & Quality Gate and tried to run the PR analysis once again but still it is not showing any results.
Here is the new pull request link… (https://github.com/ramiyerk/calculator/pull/8/commits/7968f69cddf37db726328f93946807f54a0a146d)
Even I have tried to use the sample profile and activated the rule but still it is showing blank.

Anything I am missing ?


(Fabrice Bellingard) #4

You are not using the default “Sonar way” Java. Look at the right side of your project homepage: