Unable to see surefire reports in dashboard

I’m struggling upgrading a very old Sonar instance into latest.

My problem is that I’m not able to see surefire(junit) reports in new dashboard. I mean I cannot see which test did fail and the messages related. I can only see in which java class the failed test is.

In my previous Sonar 5.6.7 version, I was able to see all that information.

My current SonarQube is:

  • Community Edition Version 10.0 (build 68432)
  • Basic Docker deployment
  • sonar-maven-plugin:
  • jacoco 0.8.10

I created a very basic Java maven project with a few junit tests. One of them is failing.

I tried playing with the sonar.junit.reportPaths property, but its value of target\surefire-reports seems correct.
Any idea is welcome !

Please see my pom.xml, the plugin log, and the “show measure” page:

<project xmlns="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://maven.apache.org/POM/4.0.0 https://maven.apache.org/xsd/maven-4.0.0.xsd">

	    <!-- JaCoCo Properties -->


					<argLine> --illegal-access=permit</argLine>
							<argLine>@{argLine} -Xmx512m</argLine>

And the processing log:

[INFO] Scanning for projects...
[INFO] -----------------------< com.company:sonartest >------------------------
[INFO] Building sonartest 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] --------------------------------[ jar ]---------------------------------
[INFO] --- sonar-maven-plugin: (default-cli) @ sonartest ---
[INFO] User cache: C:\Users\svetsch\.sonar\cache
[INFO] SonarQube version:
[INFO] Default locale: "en_US", source code encoding: "UTF-8" (analysis is platform dependent)
[INFO] Load global settings
[INFO] Load global settings (done) | time=131ms
[INFO] Server id: 147B411E-AYf61rdAk6S6gVccv-ES
[INFO] User cache: C:\Users\svetsch\.sonar\cache
[INFO] Load/download plugins
[INFO] Load plugins index
[INFO] Load plugins index (done) | time=68ms
[INFO] Load/download plugins (done) | time=126ms
[INFO] Process project properties
[INFO] Process project properties (done) | time=9ms
[INFO] Execute project builders
[INFO] Execute project builders (done) | time=1ms
[INFO] Project key: sonartest
[INFO] Base dir: C:\source\eclipse-workspaces\WorkspaceSonar\sonartest
[INFO] Working dir: C:\source\eclipse-workspaces\WorkspaceSonar\sonartest\target\sonar
[INFO] Load project settings for component key: 'sonartest'
[INFO] Load project settings for component key: 'sonartest' (done) | time=56ms
[WARNING] SCM provider autodetection failed. Please use "sonar.scm.provider" to define SCM of your project, or disable the SCM Sensor in the project settings.
[INFO] Load quality profiles
[INFO] Load quality profiles (done) | time=106ms
[INFO] Load active rules
[INFO] Load active rules (done) | time=3735ms
[INFO] Load analysis cache
[INFO] Load analysis cache (104 bytes) | time=38ms
[INFO] Load project repositories
[INFO] Load project repositories (done) | time=46ms
[INFO] Indexing files...
[INFO] Project configuration:
[INFO] 3 files indexed
[INFO] Quality profile for java: Sonar way
[INFO] Quality profile for xml: Sonar way
[INFO] ------------- Run sensors on module 'sonartest'
[INFO] Load metrics repository
[INFO] Load metrics repository (done) | time=50ms
[INFO] Sensor JavaSensor [java]
[INFO] Configured Java source version (sonar.java.source): 11
[INFO] JavaClasspath initialization
[INFO] JavaClasspath initialization (done) | time=6ms
[INFO] JavaTestClasspath initialization
[INFO] JavaTestClasspath initialization (done) | time=1ms
[INFO] Server-side caching is enabled. The Java analyzer will not try to leverage data from a previous analysis.
[INFO] Using ECJ batch to parse 1 Main java source files with batch size 500 KB.
[INFO] Starting batch processing.
[INFO] The Java analyzer cannot skip unchanged files in this context. A full analysis is performed for all files.
[INFO] 100% analyzed
[INFO] Batch processing: Done.
[INFO] Did not optimize analysis for any files, performed a full analysis for all 1 files.
[INFO] Using ECJ batch to parse 1 Test java source files with batch size 500 KB.
[INFO] Starting batch processing.
[INFO] 100% analyzed
[INFO] Batch processing: Done.
[INFO] Did not optimize analysis for any files, performed a full analysis for all 1 files.
[INFO] No "Generated" source files to scan.
[INFO] Sensor JavaSensor [java] (done) | time=738ms
[INFO] Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco]
[INFO] 'sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths' is not defined. Using default locations: target/site/jacoco/jacoco.xml,target/site/jacoco-it/jacoco.xml,build/reports/jacoco/test/jacocoTestReport.xml
[INFO] Importing 1 report(s). Turn your logs in debug mode in order to see the exhaustive list.
[INFO] Sensor JaCoCo XML Report Importer [jacoco] (done) | time=18ms
[INFO] Sensor CSS Rules [javascript]
[INFO] No CSS, PHP, HTML or VueJS files are found in the project. CSS analysis is skipped.
[INFO] Sensor CSS Rules [javascript] (done) | time=1ms
[INFO] Sensor C# Project Type Information [csharp]
[INFO] Sensor C# Project Type Information [csharp] (done) | time=0ms
[INFO] Sensor C# Analysis Log [csharp]
[INFO] Sensor C# Analysis Log [csharp] (done) | time=12ms
[INFO] Sensor C# Properties [csharp]
[INFO] Sensor C# Properties [csharp] (done) | time=1ms
[INFO] Sensor SurefireSensor [java]
[INFO] parsing [C:\source\eclipse-workspaces\WorkspaceSonar\sonartest\target\surefire-reports]
[INFO] Sensor SurefireSensor [java] (done) | time=64ms
[INFO] Sensor Removed properties sensor [java]
[WARNING] Property 'sonar.jacoco.reportPath' is no longer supported. Use JaCoCo's xml report and sonar-jacoco plugin.
[INFO] Sensor Removed properties sensor [java] (done) | time=1ms
[INFO] Sensor HTML [web]
[INFO] Sensor HTML [web] (done) | time=2ms
[INFO] Sensor XML Sensor [xml]
[INFO] 1 source file to be analyzed
[INFO] 1/1 source file has been analyzed
[INFO] Sensor XML Sensor [xml] (done) | time=144ms
[INFO] Sensor TextAndSecretsSensor [text]
[INFO] 3 source files to be analyzed
[INFO] 3/3 source files have been analyzed
[INFO] Sensor TextAndSecretsSensor [text] (done) | time=13ms
[INFO] Sensor VB.NET Project Type Information [vbnet]
[INFO] Sensor VB.NET Project Type Information [vbnet] (done) | time=1ms
[INFO] Sensor VB.NET Analysis Log [vbnet]
[INFO] Sensor VB.NET Analysis Log [vbnet] (done) | time=13ms
[INFO] Sensor VB.NET Properties [vbnet]
[INFO] Sensor VB.NET Properties [vbnet] (done) | time=0ms
[INFO] Sensor IaC Docker Sensor [iac]
[INFO] 0 source files to be analyzed
[INFO] 0/0 source files have been analyzed
[INFO] Sensor IaC Docker Sensor [iac] (done) | time=55ms
[INFO] ------------- Run sensors on project
[INFO] Sensor Analysis Warnings import [csharp]
[INFO] Sensor Analysis Warnings import [csharp] (done) | time=0ms
[INFO] Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor
[INFO] Sensor Zero Coverage Sensor (done) | time=0ms
[INFO] Sensor Java CPD Block Indexer
[INFO] Sensor Java CPD Block Indexer (done) | time=7ms
[INFO] SCM Publisher No SCM system was detected. You can use the 'sonar.scm.provider' property to explicitly specify it.
[INFO] CPD Executor 1 file had no CPD blocks
[INFO] CPD Executor Calculating CPD for 0 files
[INFO] CPD Executor CPD calculation finished (done) | time=0ms
[INFO] Analysis report generated in 55ms, dir size=134.1 kB
[INFO] Analysis report compressed in 42ms, zip size=21.1 kB
[INFO] Analysis report uploaded in 56ms
[INFO] ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL, you can find the results at: http://myserver.com:19000/dashboard?id=sonartest
[INFO] Note that you will be able to access the updated dashboard once the server has processed the submitted analysis report
[INFO] More about the report processing at http://myserver.com:19000/api/ce/task?id=AYgB57Gmk6S6gVccwIBY
[INFO] Analysis total time: 7.123 s
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] Total time:  8.750 s
[INFO] Finished at: 2023-05-09T21:05:41+02:00
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------


Welcome to the community and congratulations on your Hero’s Journey of upgrading! :smile:

SonarQube 5.6.7 was a very long time ago. Much has been added since then. And some has been dropped. That specific test execution data was among the things that were dropped.

Hopefully you’ll find all the new functionality a worthwhile tradeoff.



Thanks for your response Ann. Does it mean this function of displaying individual unit test message is dropped for every version (developer, enterprise) or only for the community ?

From which version this support has been dropped ? Is there a way to vote for getting it back ?


Hi Samuel,

It’s dropped for all editions, and that happened a very long time ago. (Maybe in the 6-series…?).

Can you explain your use case for needing this? In SonarQube?


Hi Ann,

We were using Sonar as a dev portal. The good day, if all test are passing then no need to look at test results. However, when some tests are failing, having the messages and knowing exactly which one has failed help assigning the fixing job to the right developer.
This was a very useful feature and I don’t get the reason why it was removed.