Unable to see PR decoration

I am trying to add PR decoration to my github and I follow the guide from the documentation from here: https://docs.sonarqube.org/8.3/analysis/pr-decoration/.

  • sonarqube version: 8.3.

I installed the github app with the webhook & user auth url. Config github integration in ALM with the github app .pem file.

I have tried manually scan it locally and it works. But when I try to push the git commits and go to PR page, there is nothing showing on the page as well as the server logs. However in github app advance tab, the deliver shows successful.

May I seek your assistant about this issue?

Hi, do you have any warning in SonarQube, in the PR page? Any error in SQ logs? (ce.log)

Hi Pierre,

Nope, there is no warning in either SonarQube or PR page.

As for ce.log, we can only see the log of accessing the webpages, there is nothing other than that.

(We are using the Developer Edition by the way)

Ok then go to your “project settings” > “general settings” > “Pull Request Decoration”, and make sure that you selected your GH instance here. then run the analysis on the PR again :slight_smile:

Hi Pierre,
Yes we’ve tried config the GH instance in exactly where you mentioned.

Just wanna clarify with you, the workflow of PR decoration will be:

submit PR -> github instance -> webhook -> sonarqube -> auto scan -> show PR decoration

Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks so much.

Nope. It’s actually submit a PR -> That trigger your QA who run the sonar scanner -> a report is sent to SonarQube -> SonarQube process this task as part of the background tasks (the compute engine) -> at the end of this background processing, SonarQube call the ALM to perform the PR decoration.

Hi Pierre,

We found this in our log
2020.11.11 09:06:11 INFO ce[AXWxxxxxxxxxxxx2][o.s.c.t.p.a.p.PostProjectAnalysisTasksExecutor] Pull Request decoration | status=SUCCESS | time=1698ms @timestamp 1605085572530
It states the PR Decoration is successful, however, we are still unable to see the decoration in our github PR page.

Any hints?