Unable to Login to sonarcloud using azure devops

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    *some of our team members are not able to login to sonarcloud via azure devops.
    They get the following error.
    Need Admin approval
    sonarcloud needs permission to access resource in your organization that only admin can grant.
    These users are able to successfully login to azure devops , but not sure why sonarcloud is throwing this error,
    please help us how to resolve this issue.

Hi @mohan_lakkaraji and welcome to the community.

This can happen if the users are not in the same tenant where the SonarCloud application has been registered the first time.

This scenario is not yet supported, and you have to make sure that the tenant where the account are have the SonarCloud app installed as well.


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Thanks a lot for the quick response.
we are using sonarcloud.io and created private organization within sonarcloud and using it.
how do we check which tenant sonarcloud is registered?
i have admin access to sonarcloud private organization, is it possible to check in sonarcloud directly.


The Microsoft Identity that we provide uses a SonarCloud application which will be “installed” into your Azure AD tenant. This will give SonarCloud access to your firstname / last name and email address so that we can register your in our system.

However if the account used to login to SonarCloud is a guest account (coming from another Azure AD and registered as such into the original one), then this scenario is not yet supported.

That lead me to think about this scenario given your error. Is that the case ?

Thanks for the prompt response.
we are not able to see sonarcloud application in azure portal.
is there any way we can re-register sonarcloud application to azure AD again?


You can try by going to your Azure Active Directory section of your Azure portal,

Then click on “Enterprise application”, then go to SonarCloud, then properties on the left pane, you’ll have a “Delete” button over there.