Unable to integrate AAD with SonarQube

Hello Team,

I am trying to integrate AAD with SonarQube, I followed all the steps and did the configuration, When I try to login I get error as followes:

The error is basically for “https://xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx/api/navigation/global
401 error.

Could someone help me to resolve this issue?


Plugin Development > Writing Rules is an odd category for this question! I’ve moved it.

If you’re using the community-supported hkamel/sonar-auth-aad plugin, your best bet is to direct any questions to the maintainer at the plugin repository.

Thanks for your quick response!! We are going through the POC part and unfortunately our 15days trial version is over and I missed testing the AD integration part.

Do I get separate plugin for enterprise version? for AD integration.

We are in the process to buy the commercial.

Direct integration with Azure AD is only available through the community-supported plugin.

Using SAML might be another option for you.

More details about natively-supported delegated authentication is available in the docs!

Thanks Colin.