Unable to contact Azure DevOps server

Sonar Qube Community Edition 10.1 (Installed on same Server as Azure DevOps Server 2020 1.2)
Windows Server 2016 standard.
We are trying to integrate the AzDo with SonarQube.
Error: Unable to contact Azure DevOps server for request [https:/_apis/projects?api-version=3.0]: [stream was reset: HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED]
Things Tried so far:

  1. Made sure no basic authentication installed
  2. Initial error was Error SonarQube server can not be reached and PKIX path building failed - #3 by Shailja2607, so exported the cert from AzDo url and imported to the default Java CACERT store
  3. Now error changed to stream was reset: HTTP_1_1_REQUIRED
  4. Tried adding the sonar.properities

But Nothing helps. Kindly advise on this issue.

Hey there.

Is it possible that HTTP/2 is disabled on your Windows server, or specifically your Azure DevOps configuration?

Thanks. Its worked after disable the http/2