Unable to connect SonarLint for VSCode to SonarQube


-I am trying to connect sonarlint on VS code to my sonarqube server.
When I run the ‘Update all project bindings’ I get the following error:

Error updating the local storage of the connection with id ‘’
[Error - 14:58:52.212] java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot check server version and status
at org.sonarsource.sonarlint.core.container.connected.validate.ServerVersionAndStatusChecker.checkVersionAndStatus(ServerVersionAndStatusChecker.java:51)

-I am using VSCode version 1.62.3 and SonarLint version 3.1.0
The project is Apex language based so establishing the connection to the server is a necessity.

-I already added
“serverUrl”: “http://sonarqube.mut…”,
“token”: “59382a2d82…”
to user settings
“projectKey”: “CLI-al…”
to my project workspace.

Any suggestion?

Hello, am I correct in assuming that this issue was fixed in your other thread? Thanks!