Unable to bind new Bitbucket Cloud repositories to SonarCloud

Existing repositories work just fine but with new repositories I can’t select the project - only see a login message leading to nowhere…

I’m logged in to SonarCloud as well as to Bitbucket Cloud, also tried pressing the “More Options” button with no luck…

I’m having the same problem. The page either stays unchanged or turns blank after doing the login workflow. I’m seeing 401 HTTP response codes for some endpoints afterwards:

  • /integration/bitbucketcloud/repo_config?disabled=false&isPrivateRepo=true&... with no response body
  • /api/projects/search_my_projects?ps=500 with a response body of {"errors":[{"msg":"Authentication is required"}]}

The first endpoint sometimes work. The second one never.

my team has been having the same issues for the last two weeks.


You seem to be facing the same issue as in this post: Login seems to not be working inside Bitbucket SonarCloud settings

There as been some changes in the default way the browsers handle cookies. In the mean time if you are stuck because of this you can still manually add the SameSite=None flag on the auth cookie in the browser debug tools to have the list of projects appear. It’s only temporary but might help while we deliver a fix.

But for new repositories you shouldn’t be using this UI to do the binding, you should just import your new repository from SonarCloud, and the binding is done automatically. This UI will probably be dropped sooner or later when we will add a possibility to bind an existing SonarCloud project to an existing Bitbucket repo.

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