UI freeze PyCharm 2023.2.5 & SonarLint


I recently upgraded PyCharm. I was using the version 2022.1.2 with the sonarlint Everything was working fine.
I am now using PyCharm 2023.2.5 (Build #PY-232.10227.11) & SonarLint
My operating system is Windows 10.

I am experiencing big freezes of the software. The problem appears everytime. I have launched PyCharm tens of times to test. In short, it is not usable…
I have downgraded the SonarLint version to & to see, and the problem still appears. At first, it even worked a few times on, likely by luck.

The freeze happens on startup only. There are two ways to get it:

  • start the application
  • on the window “Welcome to PyCharm”, select a project to load
  • PyCharm is loading but the UI is frozen (I see the UI, the code, but can not interact (loading wheel))
  • start the application
  • on the window “Welcome to PyCharm”, go to Customize > All settings > Tools > SonarLint
  • it is “loading” and the UI is frozen

Sometimes the UI unfreezes after 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes,… never?
Once unfrozen, I can use the software or change the settings, and I have not seen any other problem. I left the software opened for less than an hour.

I have identified some logs:

  • idea.log under AppData\Local\JetBrains\PyCharm2023.2\log
  • some threadDumps-freeze under AppData\Local\JetBrains\PyCharm2023.2\log
  • some xodus-local-only-issue-store under ~/.sonarlint

What would you need ?

Hey there.

Just to be explicit – if you uninstall SonarLint, this freeze never happens?

Hey !
Yes, or I just disable it. As soon as the plugin is activated, the freezes appear.

Hi @Aaa, thanks for your detailed report, that’s very useful to us.

When the UI seems to freeze, could you try to extract thread dumps? You can follow the instructions here. Also the ones under the directory you mentioned should be good, they are automatically generated when needed.

Lastly, are you using SonarLint in connected mode?

Thank you


Yes, I am using SonarLint with a SonarQube server.

However, it seems that I do not get the freeze anymore (at least today). Nothing seems to have changed on my computer (maybe a network related issue ?).
I had saved some logs. Not everything I would have liked, though, but I hope it still helps.
Could you tell me how to send you privately please ?

Thank you.

I sent you a private message, you can safely send me the logs there.

Thank you

Thank you for the thread dumps you’ve provided, that’s very useful to us. It appears that a thread is blocked due to the loading of a keystore, and for some reason, it’s taking a very long time. SonarLint should not be stuck on such behaviors, so I created this ticket that we will investigate.