Typescript coverage difference between index.html and what SonarQube displays


we are using SonarQube 6.7.4 Community Edition along with the following plugins SonarJS (3.2 build 5506), SonarJava ( and SonarTS (1.1 build 1079), well basically all the plugins that come with this 6.7.4 Edition.

SQ is being used within our CI Pipeline, scans are done using SonarQube Scanner, so whatever the code is, namely java, js or ts, we use sonar-project.properties files to define project properties.

We found that all our ts projects are reporting discrepancies between metrics within the coverage/html/index.html file and the Coverage percentage display within the SQ UI. I’ve tried several modification in parameters defined within the properties file, but the number obtained are still showing a near 10% difference.

I ran into the community blog for searching a possible solution and haven`t found anything;
Is the problem comes from the plugins version or even the application version itself ?
Should we stop using the sonar-project.properties file and use whatever the build framework offer ?
Is there a common document related to SQ version we used I can refer to properly handle sonar properties ?