Trouble setting up Jenkins analysis

Your answers are often very vague. We didn’t write the software and the docs aren’t all that helpful. Stepping someone through a solution would be much more helpful than referring to the docs which 99% of us have already read several times over.

99% of us know that hijackin 3 year old posts is a bad idea and your statement

is plain wrong.
You should consult FAQ - Sonar Community

btw configuring the Sonarqube Jenkins plugin is no rocket science

all these steps are mentioned here

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Haha! Gilbert Rebhan to the rescue!

First off, thank you to anyone who makes themselves available to support open source software… a fight was not the intent.

Now back to your comments. While stumbling through the setup, I repeatedly saw comments like this one referring to most people’s first steps (and were often snarky about it too).

if it was so easy to setup why are so many people having all sorts of weird issues? Could it be that there’s ambiguity in the docs?? …No way couldn’t be :roll_eyes:

Also, thank you for calling me stupid… I didn’t write the software so I am not as familiar as those who are supporting this, but shouldn’t the docs be written for people who aren’t familiar??

Thank you for your example, if I’m not mistaken the docs don’t say which type of token to use, though that is important for the quality gate apparently. Also, the specific 403 issue was related to the (not referenced in the docs) pointing to localhost instead of the ip of the server. Also, where is the root of the project for project properties?

I don’t remember all my pain points for automating the setup and configuration, but this has been a real pain.


If you have specific suggestions for improving the docs, we’d love to hear them.


Okay sounds good, where is the most appropriate place the leave them? and/or I wouldn’t mind contributing either! I am very busy with work and grad school at the moment, so I wouldn’t be able to contribute immediately but could as time allows.


I’ve moved your sub-topic to a new thread. That makes this a good place to post your suggestions.

:heart_eyes: That would be amazing. Unfortunately, we just moved the docs to a private CMS. But if you wanted to suggest wording here, or even just areas of the doc that need further clarification (along with - specifically - what you struggled with) that would be great.