Tools for generating a report from SonarQube

Hello Sonar community,

I’ve been trying to find alternative tools, whether they’re open source or paid to generate a report from SonarQube. However, it seems there aren’t many options besides the Sonar CNES report and a plugin from Bitegarden. Do any of you know of other tools besides CNES and Bitegarden? I would greatly appreciate it if you could suggest any tools that are similar to those.

Hey there.

What kind of report are you looking to generate?

Hi, I work for a small company in southeast Asia and I had a really rush task to find how to export sonar cloud report to upload into our company artifactory.
So my question is, is there any free tool or library or GitHub action that generates a report for Sonarcloud that is free?
Im was google it but only found bitegarden

And by the way why sonar cloud don’t export report