Tokens dialog box length too long - unable to generate new tokens

(Ryan C) #1

This bug is related to the Tokens dialog box - under Administration > Security > Users > Update Tokens. We have quite a few projects and the list has gotten so long that I can no longer get to the bottom part of the dialog box to create new tokens or see newly generated ones, without deleting existing tokens. The window can’t be moved or scrolled any further and the issue is the same in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

We are using Sonarqube version 6.7 (build 33306) - LGPL v3.

(G Ann Campbell) #6


Thanks for the report, and sorry for the delay in responding. This is already fixed in the current version, apparently incidentally in the rewrite with a new framework of the relavant components. We’re still assessing whether we’ll address this in the LTS.