There were parsing errors in 1 files while analyzing the project. Check the logs for further details

We have noticed warnings on recent Pull Requests that mention that parsing errors are being encountered. The number of files with the errors vary between pull requests. Where can I find the logs that are mentioned in the error?

An example of a scan that encountered this error has an ID of AY6lsPZODr2Mu_x2lh8P

Greetings Josh,
Welcome to the community! In this particular case the warnings are as below:

WARN: Failed to parse file [***/dashboard/templates/dashboard/snippets/temp-control.js] at line 11: Unexpected token, expected "}" (11:10)

WARN: Your code is analyzed as compatible with all Python 3 versions by default. You can get a more precise analysis by setting the exact Python version in your configuration via the parameter "sonar.python.version"

AutoScan is a continuously improving feature of SonarCloud and we will include your feedback into our future improvements for AutoScan UX :pray:t2:.

Thank you,

Thanks for the extra info. Our application is written in Django, and I’d guess Django’s templating engine is interfering with the JavaScript scanner. Is it possible to configure our scanner to take Django’s template tags into account for those files?