The SonarSource City Tour is coming back to a city near you!

Hi there,

You may or may not have heard it yet, but the 2019 SonarSource City Tour is approaching!

What is the City Tour? It is an event fully organized by SonarSource and goes in pair with the release of a new SonarQube LTS. An opportunity for development teams and organizations to discover the latest features of that LTS, to discuss with SonarSourcers, and understand the overall benefits that our products offer for Code Quality & Security.

Historically, we targeted mainly our customer base, and this year, we would like to open this up more broadly to teams and organizations of our Community. We plan to go through different cities in Europe and USA:

  • Frankfurt (Sept. 17)
  • Stockholm (Sept. 18)
  • Amsterdam (Sept. 19)
  • Washington DC (Sept. 24)
  • New York City (Sept. 25)
  • Santa Clara (Sept. 26)
  • London (Oct. 02)
  • Paris (Oct. 03)

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be talking about:

  • Our Value Proposition for Code Security
  • Pull Request Decoration
  • The DevOps Big Picture
  • Our Editions and Offering
  • Our Roadmap

If you would like us to consider your presence at one (or several) city(ies), please share the following information with us. Please note that we are not making any promise here, and space is limited, but we’ll do our best to consider everyone.

Action you need to take:

If you are interested in participating in this year’s City Tour, please fill in the following form. Once we receive this information, we’ll get back to you very shortly and let you know the next steps.



Is there any plan to hold the SonarSource City Tour in China in the future?

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We are looking into expanding our City Tour to Asia in the future, stay tuned!

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