The resolve as false positive feature in master is not reloaded in other branches

Hey sonar community,


  • Sonar Version 8.6 (build 39681),
  • Language analyzer: Sql (we created our own sonar language)

When we declare issues in the branch master as “resolve as false positive” this is done in master but not in the other branches.

Is this wanted to be like this or is this a sonar bug ? If the feature reacts correctly, we seem that it is not logic that the false positif declared in master are not reported in the other branches…

Here are the screen shots of my master branch after declaring 2 issues as resolve as false positive (only 9 are visible). The second screen shot is my feature branch that contains 11 issues

Thanks for your response,
Betclic Group / CICD team


Issue states are not replicated across branches. I’ve referred this internally to the Product Manager, but I’m not aware of any current plans to do work in this area.