The measure of "Comments" is not very correct


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  • SonarQube6.7.3
  • i got a file measure like this
    "Lines 596
    Lines of Code 457
    Comments 10.9% / 56 "
    the file "Comments " is 56 line,bug some one are in “Lines of Code”
    but the Comments rate is 10.9% =56/(56+457)

Is my description clear?

(G Ann Campbell) #2


What language(s) are we talking about?



it’s JAVA

if the code line is

i++; //comments

how to count “Lines of Code” and “Comments”?
thanks for your replay!

(G Ann Campbell) #4


From my tests, this:

class C {
    int i;  // comment    

Registers as 3 LoC and 1 comment line.