The “build-wrapper-dump.json” file was found but 0 C/C++/Objective-C files were analyzed

My goal is to analyze part of our C++ code base to demonstrate to my coworkers how useful Sonaqube can be.

I am able to get the web server to run locally and installed the C++ plugin.
Executing the build-wrapper successfully generates a json file which I assume contained all the information sonar scanner needs to start a build on its own later.

However when I start the scan, I end up with the following message:

“The “build-wrapper-dump.json” file was found but 0 C/C++/Objective-C files were analyzed”

I’ve tried to play around with the json file but I am not sure what’s wrong with it. The verbose mode doesn’t seem to bring much more information.

We are using a builder wrapper of our own (a simple .exe) that loads environnement variables, transforms some files that are not C++ files and so on.
The result seemed to have been capture by the sonar build wrapper though.

How is the dump json file used by the sonar scanner ?
Am I missing anything ?

Thanks in advance for your help.