TFS: support multiple collections on the same TFS

We want to upgrade from version 8.4.2 to 8.9.2. We have built a test system and found the following problem:
In the ALM integration for Azure DevOps, we were able to specify a PAT without a URL until now. We are using TFS 2017.2 and want to support multiple Collections on the same TFS, is this still possible with the Developer Edition?

Administration >Configuration > ALM Integration > Azure DevOps Server.

What we would expect (but is not accepted): http://company-TFS:8080/tfs
What is accepted: Link http://company-TFS:8080/tfs/Collection

Hi @nibo and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, the support of multiple collections is viewed as multiple different configurations in SonarQube. This was required by our onboarding phase were you can create an Azure DevOps project and select the repo you want to analyse.
The support of multiple configuration for the same DevOps platform is available starting from EE+.

I hope I answered your question :slight_smile:
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