TFS Pull request is not updated after new commit

versions used (SonarQube: 7.7, TFS Plugin: 4.6.3, TFS 2018 Update 3)
error observed: During pull request is reported issue by sonarqube and after fix in feature branch, comment by sonarqube is still there → it should be automatically fixed or removed if new build will not find this issue
steps to reproduce:

  1. create feature branch and introduce bug/vulnerability
  2. create pull request which will run analysis → comment is added into pull request by sonarqube
  3. fix bug/vulnerability in feature branch and commit → new build will run during PR
    ISSUE: comment is still there even if in newest code issue is not present

Expected result: Comment is not there anymore or is marked as fixed


Sorry for the late reply.

A fix has been pushed on SonarQube for this issue, unfortunately i don’t have any ETA to give you to get this available through a new version.


we faced this issue in 7.9. So we update to 8.1 but issues is still there. No comments are added into pull request when sonar founds issues. How can we debug it?