TFS 2017 Publish Quality Gate API Call Failure

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to look into this issue. I am experiencing consecutive build failures in my TFS environment due to a failed API call during the Publish Quality Gate Result step. The error reason alternates between a time out and a 403 error indicating authentication issues. However, the token I’m using has the requisite permissions to perform this API call. Not only this, but a review of my network traffic has indicated that there is no outgoing traffic from my build agent server at the time of the failed API call, which is puzzling to me. I’ve read that this might be related to the use of a cached value for the analysis ID, so I’ve set the get sources step of the build to perform a clean of all build directories, but this has had no impact. Increasing the timeout has also had no impact. As you’ll see below, the timeout for polling SonarQube is set to a ridiculous value, but this step still fails in approximately 30 seconds. Please let me know if you have any solutions in mind. I unfortunately do not have the latitude to update my TFS Environment without some significant lobbying efforts.

TFS Version 15.117.27414.0
Plugin Version: 4.9.1.

Thanks again for your time


Thanks for including the fact that you don’t see any outgoing network traffic. That lead me to look past the fact that the response is in a JSON format & actually read it… So I googled 'code etimedout syscall connect` and landed here and found this bit of wisdom:

happens when Linux cannot allocate a tcp socket

Which sounds like a resource issue on your build agent. How much do you have going on there at any one time?


The issue has been resolved, it was a symptom of a larger networking issue within my organization. Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

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