Test File Exclusions don't appear to be working

We’re using SonarQube (Enterprise) server on version

I’ve got some test files in a project that’s structured as such:


I set the “Test File Exclusions” property for that project to: **/tests/**. Edit: Ok, oddly enough the website is removing the two asterisks before and after the slashes, but it should read “xx/tests/xx” if the x=asterisks.
(Ann’s edit: I’ve added code formatting so the pattern appears as it should)

But when I rerun the build, it still analyzes the test files in that folder. Am I doing something wrong?


Your analysis properties & log would be helpful here.


Here’s the screen and logs, thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

sonarqube_ce.log (1.6 MB) Let me know if you need anything else.


Not quite what I asked for but still helpful. The exclusion pattern shown in the screenshot is **/tests/**. But ** means 0-n directories. I think you mean **/tests/**/*.*