Help on Formatting the Exclusion Pattern?

Hi all,
Version: 8.9 LTS

I have the following exclusion in


My expectation is that it would start excluding code smells from the following area below, but it does not?

Does anyone have any suggestions or should I post in the “bug” area?


Hi @GCDewski ,

You should use **/*Tests.cs instead. You can test the glob pattern with or Digital Ocean’s Glob Tool.

Thanks for the reply Joe,

Both of those glob testers say that my pattern should work for that path. I want all files, .cs or otherwise, under the folder “Website.blank.Tests” excluded.

OK, try this one: Website.blank.Tests/**/*Tests.cs

example: Glob Tool | DigitalOcean

That did not work either. Here’s a snippit from the “Run Code Analysis” Sonarqube build step log.

2021-06-28T19:25:01.8965255Z INFO: Indexing files of module 'Website.Blank.Tests'
2021-06-28T19:25:01.8966300Z INFO:   Base dir: C:\agent\_work\6\s\Website.Blank.Tests
2021-06-28T19:25:01.8967028Z INFO:   Test paths: Clients/Auth0ClientTests.cs, Clients/RosterClientTests.cs, ...
2021-06-28T19:25:01.8968792Z INFO:   Excluded sources: **/*jquery*, **/*modernizr*, **/AssemblyInfo.cs, **/*Tool*/**/*, *Tool*/**/*, **/bower_components/**/*, **/node_modules/**/*, **/typings/*.d.ts, **/InvalidXml.xml, **/karma.conf.js, **/*Test*/**/*, **/*Test*, *Test*/**/*, **/*Specs*/**/*, *Specs*/**/*, **/*Specs*, *test*/**/*, Website.Blank.Tests/**/*Tests.cs, **/Connected Services/**/*, **/testresults/**/*, **/SigWebTablet*, **/js/library/**, **/Migrations/**/*, **/js/bootstrap-datetimepicker.js
2021-06-28T19:25:01.8970653Z INFO:   Excluded sources for coverage: **/Startup.cs, **/Program.cs, **/MainForm.cs, **/Services/Started/StartedClients.cs
2021-06-28T19:25:01.8971523Z INFO:   Excluded sources for duplication: **/*Dialog.js, **/*Dialog.html

It acts like it is doing it, but it doesn’t seem to actually exclude the files on the UI side?

Hi @GCDewski ,

I think that code smell shown in the first picture is regarding a rule that runs against test files, so you need to exclude the file via sonar.test.exclusions=Website.blank.Tests/**/*Tests.cs.

That was it! Thank you!

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